Why Your SEO Silver Bullet Will Fail

Every major Google algorithm update is followed by weeks and weeks of posts addressing the specifics of the particular change. Who got hit the worst? What were the similarities? The differences? How is this update related to the equinox? The Earth’s alignment with Venus and Mars is a very serious and pressing matter for all …


How To Commit Brand Suicide

A graphic designer spoke to me last week. His graphic design firm — let’s call it XYZ Design — was numero uno in designing labels for a large wine company. Let’s call that ABC Wines. Now ABC wines had some really super wines. They loved the incomparable graphic design of XYZ design, and continued to use them …


So Long Office

Factories used to be arranged in a straight line. That’s because there was one steam engine, and it turned a shaft. All the machines were set up along the shaft, with a belt giving each of them power. The office needed to be right next to this building, so management could monitor what was going …


Is Your Web Site Asleep?

Need To Create A Website That’s Dynamite? Websites are a waste of money and time. Well most of them are. Most people go online for just one reason– Get Information. Yet, what do you see at most websites? Portfolio! See the problem? If you stop and think, this is not a website problem. It’s a communication …


Search Engine Optimization Do’s and Don’ts

The reason for and purpose of Search Engine Optimization is to dramatically increase visitation of potential customers to your website by achieving first page and ultimately a top three page rank in searches using keywords and keyword phrases that define your business and products. Search Engine Optimization Methodology There are several approaches to developing a …