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Tips On Setting Up a Facebook Page For Your Business

With an estimated 1.11 billion users worldwide (May 2013 report), Facebook is a massive platform that’s teeming with consumers ready to spend money. While it’s had plenty of ups and downs in its 9 years of being online (founded February 4, 2004), it remains the world’s most popular social media networking site. With that said, …


Staying Social: How Your Businesses Can Benefit From Social Media

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The ever-expanding world of social media has revolutionized the way businesses interact with customers and conduct their daily operations. No longer are companies limited to using traditional direct marketing and advertising methods. Through social media, they can generate a ‘buzz’ surrounding their product or service which continues to bring in new customers. But this is …


Social Login and Sharing: Consumers Want Choice

Social Login has become a standard on the web and on mobile devices, with the world’s largest businesses implementing the technology on their web properties so that their users can quickly register and login with their existing social identities, and so that those businesses can gain valuable permission-based data about their users. And while consumers …