Case Study: Atlanta Chiropractic & Wellness

Client Name: Atlanta Chiropractic & Wellness
Project Type: Web Design, Development, CMS and SEM
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Project Overview

Atlanta Chiropractic and Wellness had been in business for several years and were relying on some traditional marketing methods that were not generating enough business for them even after having upgraded to offerings to include search engine marketing.

An additional problem that they had was that the website they had was technically owned by the yp division that was offering the SEM services, so they felt stuck and the expense was draining them.

PB&J Interactive designed a new and much larger interactive website for them, implemented a WordPress CMS with a blog, wrote bi weekly blog posts for them and executed a search marketing campaign campaign for a crowded and competitive Atlanta marketplace .

Business Need

The existing website was not owned by them, so it needed to be rebuilt and refined to start with.  The existing site also loaded slowly and was not displaying properly on mobile devices.  The  website  was not ranking in the search engines, aside from the PPC ads they were paying for through YP.  With the management fees and overall subpar performance of the ads they needed to streamline and get the phone wringing.

They needed to capture leads themselves and have some degree of control over the messaging, budget and branding.

” Just wanted to let you know. I have seen my new patients via Internet double since signing on with you guys. We got TEN new clients this week alone! Thanks a million and keep up the good work.”
Dr. Isaiah Marder
Atlanta Chiropractic and Wellness

The PB&J Interactive Solution

PB&J Interactive designed and implemented a clean, easy to navigate website and optimized the site well for the search engines.   A content management system was implemented that allowed simple, web based management of all of the online content and the development of an official company blog, which PB&J Interactive also created content for on a bi-weekly basis.

PB&J Interactive executed an in-depth Local SEM campaign that included, Adwords, guest blogging and neighborhood-focused landing pages to highlight new services areas and wrote  original content targeting these specific neighborhoods.


Within 3 months, they were generating new appointments for the practice via search consistently which allowed them to hire additional employees and expand into offering related services like Custom Orthotics, Massage Therapy and Breast Thermography.

The overall traffic to the site increased by 190% within 6 months and the overall conversion has improved by 40% from search.

Atlanta Chiropractic and Wellness  is highly positioned in Google and Bing Local and is still an active client after 3 years.  They are consistently generating more new patients,  phone calls and email inquiries  consistently every month all directly from search marketing.