Pay Per Click Management

Strategic Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) can help you reach targeted leads at a lower cost in days – not weeks or months.

Armed with analytics, we put our knowledgeable, experienced, and Google Certified PPC Management staff to work for you. Once we have helped you develop a focused marketing strategy, we will fully manage and execute your online campaign.In a matter of days, PPC will get your site in front of qualified leads, by placing your company’s campaign at the forefront of the prospects that are right for you.

Most companies simply do not have the time or expertise to manage their paid search accounts in house. These same companies often pay too much for prospects that simply aren’t right for them, and fail to harness analytical data strategically.

PB&J Interactive has proven itself time and time again to be able to provide creative and state of the industry solutions for our web marketing needs. This allows us to have a positive and modern image to our increasing client base. PB&J Interactive has been able to provide timely support and assistance to help us to continue to enhance our market presence. I always look forward to work with them.
Barry Flink
Tracepoint Consulting

Search engines reward the best performing campaigns with a higher ranking at a lower cost. Only a properly managed PPC campaign can get your company these improved results at a lower cost.

We can get you those results by offering a full range of Pay-Per-Click management services including initial keyword research and strategy development along with comprehensive budget management and ROI tracking, but trust us, it doesn’t end there! 

Your Success Is Monitored Every Day In Real Time

With our proprietary software, you will see comprehensive details on the progress on your PPC campaign including:

  • Specific clicks on your ads that have led to sales, a phone call, or a website interaction
  • Comparison of your costs and clicks against goals
  • Website traffic volume and quality

Track goals

Set a conversion goal and track your month to month progress.

Monthly projections

Calculate monthly projections for spend and conversions. Include phone calls and form conversions.

Top keywords by spend

Quickly know where you are spending your paid search budget.

Clicks by search engine

Pull date from Google and Adcenter and filter it on demand.