Social Media Management

Build Real Relationships Through Social Media Marketing.

Social Media is not just for watching cat videos or backyard barbecue photos shared by your crazy Aunt anymore.

With more than 1.4 billion people using Facebook (not to mention the other social platforms) today, a very unique opportunity has emerged. The advantage that social media platforms offer when compared to other kinds of direct advertising is that they also have a very detailed view of where you live, your interests, likes, businesses you visit, the articles you read and the friends that you interact with online.

This gives us the ability to target likely customers and fans right down to:

  1. Their age
  2. Where they live or work
  3. Their education or profession
  4. How much money they make
  5. Brands, authors, trends or interests that they enjoy
  6. What publications they subscribe to
  7. Relevant websites they have visited recently

Not only that but we can also target your existing customers or anyone on a current mailing list too – with the right message to the right person.

This makes for very flexible and highly relevant posts, offers and information about your business only being shown to those most likely to engage or respond to it.

That equals qualified visitors and prospects for your business.  But it goes much deeper than that.

A strong social media strategy can increase traffic to your site and even help boost your organic search engine rankings.

It Is Cost Effective

One of the biggest advantages of social media marketing is a much lower cost for paid ad campaigns versus paid campaigns with search engines like Google and Yahoo!.

This is mainly due to less competition in the marketplace and a smaller pool of potential customers, although there are more than 1.4 billion people on Facebook alone, so there is no shortage of qualified prospects for your business..

Social Enhancement

Let’s face it. People who are into fitness (or gardening, Labrador retrievers, crime thrillers or anything else) have a pretty high chance of also being friends with and following others on social media with similar interests. It is human nature.

This is another benefit of “liking” and “sharing” because this is essentially word of mouth advertising. Every time someone “likes” or “shares” your posts or advertisements it is seen by their social audience too.  This is why you see “Like Us On Facebook” promotions everywhere now – from your local bar to the convenience store.

People are 62% more likely to do business with a brand that a friend has recommended or positively mentioned.

Not only that, but 81% of consumers who purchase products they learn about through social sharing are valuable social sharers themselves, thus creating a cycle of sharing and buying.  We should talk about this. Give us a call today at 678-608-0538 to discuss how Social Media Marketing can help grow your business.